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Neon Signs In Design

The importance of quality and effective STR design today cannot be emphasized enough. A simple way to help your listing stand out is by designing an Instagram-worthy space, even if it is just one small nook of your property!

A neon sign is almost always incorporated into our designs. Neon signage has become a popular way to enhance your STR with a splash of color and light and can provide that creative, Instagrammable space and are a fun way to draw attention to your property!

Here are some ways to incorporate one of these signs

  • Utilize your property’s name

  • A nickname for the area where your property is located

  • A relevant quote that guests would recognize referencing a song, or famous person from the area.

Besides coming in a variety of colors, fonts, and styles, these are easy to customize! We love using the company SELICOR, which can be found on Amazon.

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