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Designing A Boutique Hotel

We are happy to announce the successful launch of our boutique hotel in Salem, MA! It has been an incredible journey from the initial design phase back in January to the recent opening in October. Designing and launching a boutique hotel involves numerous steps and collaborations, and a lot goes into the meticulous process which involves various crucial stages.

Starting in January 2023, we began the design process and conceptualized the theme, color schemes, decor, and overall ambiance we hoped to create. This stage of the process involved planning the unique features that would pay homage to Salem's history and folklore.

Below is an example of our mood boards for the upper and lower clubroom and the finished result below.


After finalizing the design, sourcing specific items, materials, furniture, and decor that fit the theme, we begin to move in the direction of “how to make this vision a reality”. In order to make some of the more unique concepts come to life, we had to find local artisans, specialty suppliers, and source unique pieces to match the vision.

Working with local artists, contractors, and various skilled professionals is crucial in bringing any design to life. Their expertise in creating and executing the specific elements, whether it be custom artwork or specialized decor, is invaluable.

Chrissy Lebel of Lebel Signs creating a custom bed for our Dungeon themed room.

We worked with Lebel Signs for a lot of our custom pieces for the theme rooms, Heps Fury and Alicia Cohen for painted murals, and A-Plus Epoxy Floors. The main construction for the project was led by WOM Home Construction with lead design by our On Designer Heather Phillips.

Brainstorming for Dungeon Theme Room.

Once the items were ordered, the processing began and as they arrived we organized and prepared them for installation. Simultaneously, construction and building were taking place to get the physical spaces ready to implement the design.

Finally comes the staging phase! This project was unique in the fact that we were preparing to stage 30 rooms (10 of them being uniquely themed). It takes a level of organization and detail to prepare the furniture, decor, and artwork for the rooms plus ensure that everything aligns with the envisioned design. The unique, themed spaces required their own level of attention to detail as they were specially designed to honor Salem's history and folklore! Below is a glimpse into the finished product for some of our themed and standard rooms.

We look forward to sharing a lot more on this project and we are always here if you have questions or want to learn more on how to design for a boutique hotel!

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