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Designing an Instagram Worthy Vacation Rental Pt. 2

In our last blog post we talked about all of the aspects that factor into designing an Instagram-worthy STR. Today we'll dive back into some of the key things to remember when creating such a space.

Incorporate local influences Embrace the local culture and surroundings of your STR location by incorporating local influences into your design. This could be through locally sourced artwork, textiles, or materials unique to the area. This not only adds authenticity to your rental, but also provides great photo opportunities for guests to capture the essence of the destination.

Provide Instagrammable Amenities

Consider adding amenities that are functional and photo worthy. This could be a private pool with colorful floats, a rooftop deck with stunning views, a hammock or swing in a picturesque spot, or a unique bathtub with a view. These amenities can provide guests with photo-worthy moments that they'll be excited to share.

Enhance Lighting

Effective lighting is essential for great photos. You'll want to consider adding statement lighting fixtures that create a unique ambiance. String lights, pendant lights, and floor lamps can all add warmth and character to your rental, and make it more visually appealing in photos.

Consider Photo-Friendly Furniture and Decor

Look for interesting shapes, unique patterns, and textures that stand out in photos. Statement pieces like a hanging chair, a vintage rug, or a stylish headboard can add visual interest and make your vacation rental more Instagram-worthy.

If you need help analyzing your listing and figuring out how to implement these spaces in your STR, reach out and we can set up a consultation.

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